Impact Recruitment to Accelerate Food System Transitions


We believe that for all people and the planet to prosper, food systems must change. Step by step, we can (re)design systems for multiple value creation and make them economically viable, ecologically sound, and socially fair. 


Food system transitions require different (personal) leadership, competences, and values.

With the right people, talent, and attitude, organisations can embrace change, achieve multiple value creation, and start leading food system transitions instead of reacting to them.

Kairos People, part of KAIROS | Regenerative Agri & Food Systems, focuses on Impact Recruitment, Executive Search, and Interim Solutions to support professionals and organisations on their journey in the transition.


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We work with frontrunners, key players, and trendsetters in and around the Agri & Food sector.

We connect, challenge, and empower them to recognise and respond to opportunities offered by inevitable change and food system transitions.


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'Look, think, and act differently.'


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We appreciate your interest in Kairos People and that you take the time to explore your options. Feel free to contact us to ask a question or share an issue. It can be personal or organisational. 

We can help advance your journey and set the pace together.

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